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Any good free Fortnite Mobile Mods for Android? (or iOS)

I am currently looking for a mod to use in Fortnite mobile, but it seems that Epic Games is really good at getting rid or any mods out there through their legal team. Seen a few sites that have taken down their mods.

The rest of the mods seem to be paid.

Are there any free alternatives? Like the secret ones? Like a mod menu for Android or iOS with aimbot or wallhack or maybe improved aim assist?

I'd much appreciate the help.

I got iOS phone, but it is not yet jailbroken and I got emulator running on my PC where I play fortnite.

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So far I have not had any luck with free mods for Fortnite M either.

I guess I will subscribe to a premium one. To be fair for online shooters, paying is usually the way to go.