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Is legit or a scam?
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Malware1 Vote · 33.33%
Stolen Downloads1 Vote · 33.33%
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Is this site providing working and legitimate cheats or have you had any issues?

Bit of a combo of all here. Supposedly it's usually legit safe and good, but I found a APK with actual malware on that site too. It was likely reuploaded by them or someone on there and they were unaware... But that malware infected APK had an SMSagent, a backdoor, read your text messages and made itself the default SMS app, it could send text messages, listen to your phone calls, AND make itself a device admin. It was a very malicious apk. See my comment on modded-1 thread for more details. Ultimately probably usually safe, but clearly not always. They def have some bad reuploaders or just some actual malicious apk patchers running free on that site.